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9-11: A Day to Remember

Thu Sep 11, 2014, 6:06 AM
9-11 Tribute by LuckyBambooPhotos
Never forget.
forever remember,
never forget,
that day of september
we all regret.

9-11: The History

Want to know the facts? Please read last year's journal about 9-11. It also contains an art feature.

9-11: Art & Literature Works

September 11 by DieselBadboyRemember September by SamousWebmasterDon't forget 9 11.... by Jabari123September 11, 2001-- Never Forgotten by bbjsSeptember 11, 2001 Memorial by Atsuke
11 09 01 by kayjensenSeptember 11 2001 Tribute by robotdance9 11 by starlightspoint79 11 A day that lives on? by ltbloodGround Zero by tsquared
To those who fell by Livinlow11September 11 attacks by kskb  Remember 9 11 by AxelHonoo
That Day.Why is this day different?
What have I done wrong?
I got up the same as yesterday.
I went to school like always.
I didn't need to see the news that day.
I didn't need the horror.
I dwell on it for weeks on end.
Sadness quickly fades to anger.
And anger burns to hate.
Every time I see his face ,
It's too much to bare.
Thoughts of death and fire come back to me,
And I just want to wipe the grin from his face.
I would gladly die twice ,
To rid the world of your twisted reality.
Human life should be in God's hands,
Who are you to say any different?
Are you that blind?
Thinking that it is God's will?
Son of a Bitch I will kill you where you stand.
I will never forget.
I will never forgive.
I will never stop.
I will never surrender.
I will never give in.
I will always be you enemy.
September 11, 2001
I was in 7th grade, in first period History when the towers were hit.  Instantly the televisions flickered on and terrible images of people screaming and buildings burning flashed across the screen.  Being only in 7th grade I couldn't really make out what exactly was going, and even the teacher couldn't.  A few minutes after the attacks, the P.A. system turned on and we found out that one of our P.E. teachers was in the Army Reserves and was called into action, as well as our Principle.  I still didn't have too clear of an idea of what was happening, but I had this strange feeling in my gut that something was wrong and wasn't about to get any better anytime soon.  School remained in session, but in almost complete silence, save for the news coverage on the television.  After class that afternoon I slowly walked to my bus, attempting to take it all in.  It was also almost completely silent on the school bus, except fo
That Day in September
Have you ever cried for someone you don't know,
Like when that news bullitein interrupted the T.V. show?
When the shocked reporters announced to all
That the two towers were hit and would fall.
On that day, in September,
When a thousand left us forever.
The death and the rubble, the sea of dust,
Our cries echoed right down to the Earth's crust.
The culprit was irrational
The devastation was national.
On that day, in September,
When a thousand left us forever.
We mourned the older, for all that they had done,
We wept for the younger, for their dreams had not yet been won.
And as the shell of the tower burned with fury,
Our hearts burned within us, with passion and purity.
On that day, in September,
When a thousand left us forever.
As we cried and stared in fright,
The devil cackled in delight.
Everyone was sad, lost, and furious
Even the class clowns were serious.
On that day, in September,
When a thousand left us forever.
The demons that sent us this destruction, this terror,
Knew that
9 11 - one worldeveryone will remember where they were on that day,
no one will ever forget,
every generation there is one defining moment;
the world wars,
i am saddened that i am in the generation
which has an act of terror
as it's moment.
but hopefully
we will teach our children
not to live in terror
but to live in peace
as one world

6 Years ago 9 116 years ago....
The skys where blue
the sun was bright...
life was as it's fullest...
6 years ago....
waking up to the sound of my alarm ringing
seeing the time was 7:00 am western time
fell back my blissful dreams of fall
6 years ago....
woke up to the 9:00 am hour
rushed..scrambled to gather my books
english class ....
6 years ago....
waltz towards down the hallway
late for school...until my mother stopped me
something on the news...
6 years ago....
showing New York City..with the twin towers
burning..smoking billowing out of the buildings..
people screaming..
6 years ago....
I sit down...looking onwards
asking what's going on..
News reeled on...the twin towers where planes..
6 years ago....
the word..."terrorist" looms on the newcast
no school today....watching along with my mother
seeing the towers fall down
6 years ago....
lives crushed...families broken...
chaos around the city....
saddened and shocked....
6 years ago....
flights canceled...
airports closed....
September 11th poem
One day, a few terrorists gathered,
they had a plan, that's what mattered.
This plan was evil and bad,
they knew it would make every American sad.
On that day, they high-jacked a plane,
no one knew it would happen, this was insane!
The plane had hit the first tower,
everyone in New York begun to run and cower.
30 minutes later, the second plane hit,
the ambulence arrived and took out their kits.
Many people died, and tears started to pour,
that's when George Bush had declared war.
The terrorists will eventually regret,
and September 11th is a day we'll never forget.
Two Thousand One, Nine Eleven
Two thousand one, nine eleven
Five thousand plus arrive in heaven.
As they pass through the gate,
Thousands more appear in wait.
A bearded man with stovepipe hat
Steps forward saying, "Lets sit, lets chat."
They settle down in seats of clouds,
A man named Martin shouts out proud,
"I have a dream!" and once he did
The Newcomer said, "Your dream still lives."
Groups of soldiers in blue and gray
Others in khaki, and green then say
"We're from Bull Run, Yorktown, the Maine"
The Newcomer said, "You died not in vain."
From a man on sticks one could hear
"The only thing we have to fear.
The Newcomer said, "We know the rest,
trust us sir, we've passed that test."
"Courage doesn't hide in caves
You can't bury freedom, in a grave,"
The Newcomers had heard this voice before
A distinct Yankees twang from Hyannisport shores.
A silence fell within the mist
Somehow the Newcomer knew that this
Meant time had come for her to say
What was in the hearts of the five thousand plus that day.
"Back on Earth,
Rememberance of 9 11On this day
The anniversary of the twins
They stood proudly
They stood boldly
They provided future for all
But no one could have ever thought
That that would fall
From the hands of evil
And engulfed in flames
Horror stuck that nation
And it shook the world
For the thousands of people that could not escape
We remember you for today is 9/11

On 9 - 11Did we forget
About all of the heros in our lives
Did we forget
Of all the people who had died
Did we forget
Of that normal morning
Of that day that made the world stop spinnin'
On 9/11
Did we forget
How proud we are to be Americans
Did we forget
That we are all the same
Did we forget
How broken - hearted we were
On that terrible day that made the world stop spinnin'
On 9/11
The Pentagon
The Twin Towers
And almost the White House
Were destroyed that day
Along with many people
Most of who gave their lives
To save those in need
Let's take a moment of silence
For those people
And the day that made the world stop spinnin'
On 9/11
Imagine that normal day
Around 9 am in New York
When all the skies were blue and nothing could go wrong
The husbands went to work
The children went to school
The todlers went to play
And little did they know
They'd be killed that day
Imagine the screaming
Imagine the terror
Imagine the emotion
Imagine the pain
Of all those people in those towers
Screaming for thei
September 11, 2001My brother was lying on his back on his bed watching wrestling when I asked him about the school times.  He asked me why I needed the times of our old Middle School.
I told him, “I’m writing a story.”
He told me, “You’re not allowed to write stories.”
“Fine.  It’s an essay then.”
“Essays you can write.  Novels, novellas, cryptic messages….”
“Short stories?”
“No, no short stories.  Short stories are stories.”
“But I can still write an essay?”
“Yes.”  He turned over onto his stomach.  “Why are you writing an essay?”
“For me.”
“You’re not allowed to write an essay for you.  Not until you’re an adult with a job where—”
“John, what day is tomorrow?”
He looked at his calendar.
“So I can write my essay now?”
September 11Thick smoke hovering above,
Hearing the cries of people you love.
Watching at the distance as the towers fall,
Wondering why someone did this, did they care at all?
Heroes trying to save everyone,
Finally realizing it can't be done.
We all remember that horrible day,
Surely we'll make that person pay.

September 11 by 360

Dedicated to those who fell and to those who carry on

An Avatar Tribute by RoseSagae

 © CSS JMTH/poserfan
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Kittylover9399 Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Woah, why are you requesting my 9/11 poem for this group that is NOT a holiday.
WDWParksGal-Stock Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
This was invited in because it is a tribute. Holidays is not just about holidays, but remembrances, tributes, celebrations, birthdays, seasons, flowers and anything of the like that affects people as a whole. I was doing a blog for DevNews and searching for features to put out a remembrance blog. If you would rather not have the deviation in the gallery then decline the request. I'm sorry if you were offended in any way.

WDWParksGal aka WDWParksGal-Stock
Kittylover9399 Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Thanks for the response, cool avatar by the way.

Please no worries now, everything was explained to me. 
In the morning I always check dA real quickly before running off to work and when I saw a Holiday group invited that poem I was like, wait no. So I clicked it and saw it was literally holidays, then went through your gallery and didn't see anything doing with 9/11 and was a bit shocked, hence why I left the comment before going to work.

But your friend explained to me about the September folder, I'm not offended. But thank you for your apology but please no worries :hug: :heart:
WDWParksGal-Stock Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist General Artist
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poserfan Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Professional
Because it's for Remembrance!!
if you would have checked we have various works about 9-11 in our gallery as we do a feature each year!
Kittylover9399 Featured By Owner 3 days ago
I don't have time in the morning when I'm about to go to work, I just logged on and saw a holiday account asking to add that, so being in a rush I was kinda shocked. And I went through your gallery and didnt see a folder for it. But ill check again when I'm done with work.
poserfan Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Professional
Never assume, always double check. That's right, the gallery does not have a separate folder for 9-11; it's categorized under September.  The favourites do have a 9-11 tribute folder.
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thanks for request Dance!
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